Are You Prepared for Emergency Survival Following a Solar Storm? Storms are coming. Emergency Survival knowledge, and Preparedness are key. You may be asking questions like, "Exactly what is a solar storm, and how can it affect me and my family?" "What emergency survival knowledge should I know about?" "If preparedness is the key, then what should I do?" In this four part document we are going to answer these questions and provide insight into the larger picture. We will give you the information that the media, and government are holding back.

So what is a solar storm? Well solar as you might have guessed refers to an event involving our sun. A storm is defined as a violent disturbance of the atmosphere. But instead of the disturbance occurring in the form of thunder, lightening, or precipitation, it is in the form of charged particles that are ejected from the sun. These charged particles travel in large clouds that can carry up to ten billion tons of plasma. These clouds are also called Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), when they are released from the sun.

The particles in a CME (ions and electrons) are electrically charged, which means they also feel magnetic forces. Under normal circumstances these particles would be deflected by the Earth's magnetic field or our shield if you will, and the survival of our way of life would not be in jeopardy. According to researches sponsored by NASA our magnetic field often develops two holes that allow huge leaks. These leaks can allow up to twenty times more particles to pass. You might be thinking that this sounds like a bit of an emergency. Hold on we're not done yet. The number of particles breaching this shield depends on the orientation of the sun's magnetic field. When the Sun's and Earth's magnetic fields are in alignment the largest breaches occur. The sun's magnetic field changes direction every cycle.