Fear of the Day - What's It Going To Be?

http://3f912f25fi9y7s7uihph6dpq96.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=PNGLRBT1BLOGIf you let the authorities, the church or the conspiracy theorists get to you, they will, and then they will work to control your psyche by keeping you fear for as long as you listen to their dribble. Advice to self and to reader; don't let them -, it's your life and your mind, not theirs. Okay so let's talk.

You see not long ago, an acquaintance was all worried and she asked me; "did you know the Sun is going to flip and we might all be in danger of a huge EMP like solar storm in 2015?" Wow, I thought to myself, who has been bending her ear? The reality is that yes, the Sun's magnetic pole should flip soon, in fact it should have flipped already at the top of the 12-year solar maximum cycle. This is normal - this is what the Sun does. So, why hasn't it happened yet?

Yes, well the Sun is acting differently than we'd expected it too, but no need for major alarm right now. There is always the possibility of a massive solar flare that is pointed towards Earth, yes, like the Carrington Event, perhaps even worse, there is always that risk, and uncertainty. We live on the surface of a planet, so, there are and will be challenges.